New U.S. History Regents Examination

June 2022 marks the return of the New York State Regents Exams and there will be a new U.S. History exam. PREPARATION IS KEY!  The new exam will cover the same content as the past U.S. history curriculum.  There is however a new testing format with which students need to familiarize themselves. 

The format of the previous exam had 50 multiple choice questions, one Thematic Essay and one Document Based Question.

The new format is as follows:

Part I

               28 stimulus-based multiple choice questions

Part II

               2 stimulus-based short-essay questions

Part III

               Civic Literacy Document-Based Essay

Our expert teachers at Regents Review have been hard at work designing a one-day review class geared towards this new exam. 

We encourage all students who want to feel confident and prepared to Come Study With Us!

Best of luck!