Frequently Asked Questions...

We know you may have various questions about our classes and our enrollment process. Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Click on one of the questions to view the answer. If you cannot find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to give us a call!


How much of the day will my child be learning and are there breaks scheduled throughout the day?

Our classes run for one day from 9-4 on the date scheduled. There are breaks every hour for 5-10 minutes. There is also a lunch break for about 45 minutes in the middle of the day. At all other times, the students are in a classroom reviewing material and preparing for the regents exam.

Can my child bring a cell phone to class?

All students are allowed to bring cell phones to our classes but we have a strict rule that they are to be off during class time. Texting, emailing or other telephone communication is not permitted during class time as it is too distracting.

Am I able to receive a refund if I want to cancel my reservation?

Our policy at Regents Review is to provide a full refund (minus a small administrative fee) as long as a cancellation is made by May 15, 2018 or April 20, 2018 for Advanced Placement Courses. After that date, refunds are not available. We will, however, change a date of a class or the class subject at any time, free of charge, as long as we have room available. In fact, you can change the date or cancel your reservation on your own through the link on the left or at the bottom of our website ("Change or Cancel Reservation").

What if my child is sick on the day of his or her scheduled review class?

Unfortunately, we do NOT provide refunds for missed classes, sorry.

Who teaches these classes?

All of our teachers are licensed New York State teachers in the area that they are teaching.

Are the classrooms air conditioned?

Yes, the classrooms are comfortably air conditioned throughout the day. In fact, we recommend that students bring a sweatshirt to "layer up" in case the rooms feel too cold.

Is there lunch available for my child or do I need to send my child with lunch?

The answer depends on the location in which you are enrolled. Lunch is available for purchase in the cafeteria in our Long Island (Nassau), Rockland County and Staten Island locations. In the Westchester, Manhattan, Orange County and Long Island (Suffolk) locations, students must bring their own lunch. There are vending machines containing snack and drink items at each of our locations.

Does my child need to bring any materials to the review class?

Each student is provided with a Regents Review packet upon arrival to use during the day and to continue to use after the conclusion of the class. All Math and Physics students MUST bring the calculator they will be using during the exam. Although it is not required, students may also wish to bring a notebook and pen/pencil.

What are the dates of the actual Regents Examinations?

For your scheduling convenience, the Regents Examination dates can be found at the bottom of our website by clicking "Regents Exam Schedule." The dates are uniform throughout New York State.

Can my child be in the same classroom as his/her friend?

Yes. As long as students register for the same course on the same course date, they will be allowed to be together in the same classroom. Regents Review does not separate the students before they arrive. Instead, students are given the choice on the day of their scheduled review course to choose the room that they want. Students who know they want to be with a particular friend are encouraged to arrive early (approximately 1/2 hour before classes begin) to ensure that plenty of seats are available in all classrooms.