Why We Love Our Job

Our company, Regents Review, LLC, helps high school students excel on state and national standardized tests. We love our business because of our unique test prep method – we review all content for a subject in only one day. Students today are so busy with schoolwork, after school clubs, sports and outside of school organizations that they do not have the time to properly devote to studying. They also do not have the time to commit to a prep class that is spread out over the course of one month to six weeks. Our method allows us to help these busy students in one day. Kids are happy, parents are happy and that makes us happy. We also love hearing from these parents each year. They call to tell us where their older children are attending college and how they are doing in school. Two years ago, one of our parents called and told us her son just found out he was the valedictorian of his high school. Hearing the success stories is our favorite part of this business.